Winding Balls with Help

I have been trying to get my loom warped and I have been falling further and further behind. (“Gee, Boss, can’t I stay? Every time I leave I fall farther behind.” Connie in the film, ‘Oscar’ with Sylvester Stallone) I finally got some time to sit still and concentrate on winding balls out of the warp yarn for my scarf. Unfortunately, my skeins were a little messy. And they were messy because of the little helper that I had under my chair…Gracie.

Eventually I got the skein somewhat under control, at least I had both ends some what “tamed.” But, I did not have Gracie tamed.



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  1. I’m so glad you told me about your new blog! I really enjoy reading what you write. Wish I could spend a couple weeks with you so you could teach me, face to face, hand to hand, what you do with fiber. 🙂

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