Home again and loving it!

On the Road to Adventure

I went on a small adventure last weekend. I took my 87 yr old mother-in-love to Castlewood, SD which is just south of Watertown. We went to visit a dear friend and her 85 yr old Aunt. We had a blast! Another friend of my friend’s, an 86 yr old woman, joined us on our adventures and boy was it fun! We traveled the country one day and looked at all the small towns and farms and lakes and rivers that my friend had lived at or been to in her younger years.  And everywhere that we went, my friend knew someone!! It was like magic: pull into a town, start driving the streets looking at old landmarks that we were all interested in and the car would stop next to a person on a sidewalk. My friend would jump out, walk up to the person and they would exclaim each other’s name loudly and hug! What a trip! We laughed and laughed at how she knew the entire Eastern half of SD by first name. We were tired but happy and especially honored to have supper of Prime Rib at my friend’s place of employment in Watertown. Yummy.

Welcome to Vebelen

On Friday, we missed an awful and huge thunderstorm that came through on the interstate where we had driven the day before. We were glad that we had a hallway to sit in when the Tornado whistle in town went off and laugh about it still.

Long Lake

Now that I am home I have made cinnamon rolls, and dinner rolls, spaghetti and a casserole, bought roses for my garden, and survived two thunder storms. I have even gotten a little weaving done, and lots of laundry!! My dog has been to the dog park two out of three days and is waiting impatiently for another go at it today, but she knows that I am slow getting her there in the morning. 😎


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