Once Upon a Thunder Storm…!

Yesterday afternoon we had a typical SD Thunderstorm. I was reading a wonderful mystery book by Dorothy Cannell called, The Thin Woman and was not paying much attention to the outside world. (I had set my kitchen timer to keep my reading to one hour, but kept re-setting it because of all the interruptions I had, then finally shut it off so I could finish the book!) I heard rain outside on the window so I looked up and saw that it was raining pretty good. I ran outside and dragged my new rose bushes, still in their pots, under the roof overhang. Once I got back inside the rain really came down. I could not see across my patio it was so heavy! I ran upstairs to check on my upstairs deck’s canopy. The canopy is really a camping type “pop-up” shelter that folds up and goes into a carry case. It was not nailed to the deck, because it fit very snugly into the corners. I heard a thumping as I went up the stairs and when I got to the window in my studio saw that the canopy was still there. Whew! Then I heard the thumping again, the tree branches were whipping the top of the canopy and suddenly the canopy’s legs did these incredible bouncy jumps, one jump, two jump then SWOOSH! the canopy catapulted up into the tree branches twisting up over the roof! I stood there in shock! All that was left visible of the canopy was one leg that had hooked the back of one of the patio chairs on the deck. The chair hung there about 6 inches off the deck, it’s feet dangling as the canopy bounced up and down with the wind. I was in too much shock to even look for the camera let alone get it. The rain died down and so did the wind about 15 minutes later and I went out on the deck to see if I could retrieve the canopy. No deal. It was twisted tightly into the tree branches and sticking to the roof.

I called my husband and he and his boss came right over. The two of them managed to get the canopy halfway off the roof, but the tree still clung tightly and they had meetings to get to, so we left it till after work. My husband had to saw the metal frame apart to get it out of the tree. What a mess. We threw the whole thing in the trash and now my studio is very sunny! This is a new canopy, only about 2 weeks of standing on our deck. Oh well. There is always next summer and a new idea about how to make an outdoor eating and relaxing area that won’t blow away with a SD Thunderstorm!



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2 responses to “Once Upon a Thunder Storm…!

  1. I saw on the news the hailstones that fell in the Rapid City area! HUGE. I was wondering how you are doing. Glad to hear about your trip and glad to know you are home, still safe and sound.

    • Sue Jensen

      Thanks for checking up on us! We are expecting more storms all next week, but they say they won’t be bad. We’ll see!!

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