Days of Beginning Again

I spent Thursday weaving. I also spent Thursday un-weaving. I realized as I was getting so close to the end of my scarf that I had messed up the color sequence! Ugh. It is faster un-weaving than it is weaving! After all the sighing and eye rolling I managed to get the scarf back into its proper color sequence. Then I went downstairs and found a scarf that  I wove last winter to put into the fair as I am not sure that the one I am working on will make it to the judges table!!

I spent Friday writing and re-writing. I have some story prompts (spots) from SARK that got me going on some stories. I wrote and wrote and then had to re-write. Oh well, that is expected with writing, not weaving.

I also spent some time re-writing some quotes into my Dream Book that I had found quite synonymous with my thinking. This was a good thing.

Some days all you can do is begin again. At least I’m not weft behind, just warped. 🙂


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Filed under Just rambling, WIP (Works in Process)

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