Meeting Old Friends at Walmart

I don’t shop at Walmart very often. I don’t like some of their practices and in our local store the absolutely obvious prejudice against Native Americans, the biggest group to shop there. But last week I had to get things that only Walmart carries and I wanted to do it in a hurry so I could go home and do what I wanted to do!

I walked into the main part of the store and almost collided with a couple from my church. They were getting some small things and we hugged and laughed about “meeting in Walmart” because we had not seen each other at church. I had been gone a couple of Sundays and missed seeing them. We said our goodbyes and I went about my shopping.

I was walking down the napkin aisle and I saw a young woman at the opposite end of the aisle who looked somewhat familiar. Since I don’t see very well far away, I had to wait until she came a little closer before recognizing that it was indeed R! We had not seen each other since I quit my long time job in February where she had been a volunteer. It was so good to see her, she is such a fun young woman. We laughed and joked about her summer camping experiences and I told her about my trip to my friend’s part of SD and how my friend knew everyone there! Just then a woman walked past me and stopped right in front of me as she looked over my shoulder at the merchandise behind me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There stood M whom I had not seen for at least 15 or 16 years standing in front of me in Walmart!!! I screamed out her name and she smiled and looked at me, lost for my name. She finally said, “I don’t remember you, who are you?” and when I told her she screamed my name and we hugged. My young friend laughed and said, “you meet everyone here at Walmart” and then continued her shopping. I stood and talked with M for about 10 minutes and was introduced to her daughter and granddaughter (who was pregnant). The last time I had seen the granddaughter she was a toddler and now she is 20 something expecting her own baby. My, how time flies. I laughed and laughed at how strange it is that sometimes you think of someone and then you run into them unexpectedly. I was sure glad that I went to Walmart that day, even though the one thing I needed from there was out of stock. Sigh.


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