I am tired, but happy!

Been a long couple of days. The weavers that demonstrated at the Fair turned out to be one person who is also a spinner! She showed us how to do tapestry weaving and weaving on a 2 harness table loom. 2 harness is just like my rigid heddle so it was very familiar, but I was able to look at up close the heddles (thin moving wires with holes for the warp yarn) and the beater with reed and the levers that lift the heddles up and down. Very interesting.

Tuesday was basket day. I took the class to make a “Twill Market Basket” and it was awesome. Very long day. I spent about 4 or 5 hours working on the basket on Tuesday and was exhausted by the end of that. Then today, Wednesday, I spent another 3 hours finishing the basket. It looks really cool though. Here are some photos that the teacher took of me finishing my basket. I am tired, the basket was hard sometimes to do, but soooo worth it!


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