Spin-In Thursday, 8/26/2010

We had the Spin-In today and it was great! We did not have the amount of spinners drop by that we have had in the past, but it was almost 100 degrees outside and school started this week for some schools and the Rapid City schools start Monday so there was much school related activity (as in shopping for school supplies) today and meeting the new teachers and the new principal etc. We had a steady coming and going of spinners and the constant whirr of the wheels all day today and that was awesome. Here we are:

The quilts are displayed behind

us, aren’t they beautiful?



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2 responses to “Spin-In Thursday, 8/26/2010

  1. The woman in the Mikey Mouse scarf is wearing my blouse. :-O !!! šŸ™‚ Beautiful quilts. Where are you?

  2. I am taking the photo!

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