Long Week the Fringe is Near

Actually, it hasn’t been much of a weaving week at all, just a “do this, so you can do that, to get ready” kind of week. I am leaving early tomorrow morning for a trip to California to have a “mini-family-reunion”! There will be my “new” 1/2 Uncle that we found via the internet/genealogy sites, my sister and my cousin and his wife. We will all gather with stories, cameras and lots of genealogy charts. It should be a very fun time for all of us.

But, in order to get ready for this trip, I had to finish my time at the Central States Fair…then, I had to finish the genealogy charts that were almost ready…then I had to get  my stuff ready to pack, which translated means: “what do I need that I don’t have and have to go buy?”

The next hurdle to getting to the fringe/end of this week and the airplane ride was getting enough food in the house for my husband to survive for 5 days. I make our bread, buns and coffee cake from scratch, and we were out of all of that. BUT, my aprons all have gotten too small, (too much coffee cake!) so I had to make an apron first that would fit me before I could bake because when I bake there is flour everywhere, literally!

I don’t own a sewing machine, don’t like them never use one. So, I had to hand sew this apron. I made up my pattern as I went and sewed until my silly fingers had holes in them like a pin cushion. Here is the finished apron. I took a bad photo of me wearing it also.

The new apron

Sue with apron on..

Then I baked: Bread, Buns and Coffee Cake.

Then I finished plying the yarn that I had spun at the Fair for my sister. It is Alpaca and she wants to raise Alpaca, so I bring her Alpaca goodies whenever I can. Some of this fiber even came from Brook Farm Alpaca in Glen Ellen, CA near where my sis lives.

Now, I am at the place where I have been heading for all week, the suitcase. I am excited to be going to meet the man that my family has wondered about for years. I just wish we could have connected many years ago so that my Dad and his siblings could have met him also.

Ok it is hours later and my suitcase was not big enough to hold all the stuff I am taking with me. Sigh. We had to buy another bigger one, because the older bigger one broke on the last trip that we took. So, now the new suitcase is full and I am exhausted!

I found this beautiful spider in my garden yesterday.  I looked up her information and she is a golden orb spider that loves grasshoppers for lunch. I am soooo glad she likes grasshoppers because we have way too many of them.


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