Back Home

Well, I have been back for almost a week now, where did that time go? Sleeping. Yep, I must be older as I had to take all day the day after arriving home at midnight to sleep! Then Laundry. Yes, that was a definite necessary thing to occupy my time. Especially since both my husband and I had been traveling and there seemed to be every piece of clothing we owned in the washer and dryer.

I did manage to card some new fiber that I purchased with some luscious mohair that I already had and made some nice yarn. That was in-between the washing, drying and sleeping!

Some photos from my trip:  Sacramento:

California's Capitol

Tower Bridge seen from the Capitol

My “new” Uncle took me on a tour of the Capitol area where he used to work before retiring. I had a great time with my new relatives and the original relatives as well.

Bodega Bay:                                              My Sister in Railroad Square Santa Rosa:

We went to Cast Away yarn store and it was WONDERFUL! My sis is getting into her lace knitting again and I bought fiber and yarn. Yah!


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