Cleaning out the Closet

I have been one busy lady for the last few days. I got the warp onto the 4 harness table top loom, and then realized that I had done a few things incorrectly. It took me five hours to warp the thing, so I gave myself a few hours off before I corrected the things I did wrong.  The weaving is purely practice so I won’t have any photos. 😎

Then I decided that I really needed to take this room called “Studio” completely as my own.  So, I started unloading the closet.  In this closet are things from our daughter, my mother-in-law, my church (hubby is treasurer so lots of old files in there), my son and my stuff all tumbled together with blankets, pillows and other linens for the guest room the Studio used to be. I removed a few things, and threw out a bunch more, moved the boxes of the daughter’s into another closet along with son’s stuff. Mother-in-law and church stuff stayed on the top shelf and then I had some room. My cat Gracie helped remove the remaining bits and pieces of dust and fluffy monsters from the closet while I was re-homing the other things.

Wow! Now I have 36  inches of space side to side and 48 inches of space floor to clothes rod. What to do? Go to ShopKo and purchase some clear drawer bins!!! That took hours to do because hubby and I went out to lunch with friends first in the Black Hills and then to ShopKo.

Got home with the drawers and filled them with fiber and odd balls of yarn and tools and all kinds of things that kept rolling around in different spaces. I could never seem to find that fiber I needed or that pretty yarn I just bought, so now I have it all organized and I can see it! I still have a little bit to organize for my baskets and their supplies and then I am back to weaving on the 4 harness.

I am ready to warp the rigid heddle next and get that prepared for the “Fiber Weekend” that I am creating for my friend and I. I will travel to her city, get a motel room (a suite so we have lots of room), and set up the two looms (table and rigid), the spinning wheel and lots of fiber. We will be able to talk, talk and spin, weave and talk some more. It will be a great retreat for both of us.


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