A Very Funny Post

I read this today and laughed and laughed. If you have or have not had a mouse in your vicinity you would enjoy this post by Henya: Chicken Stitches: How to remove a mouse from your washing machine.

Her story reminded me of the first month that my husband and I were married. We lived in the “summer side” of a cabin on White Earth Lake in Minnesota. We were working at the Bible Camp across the Lake but had to rent this cabin for a month or two before our housing was ready. The “winter side” of this cabin had a retired Pastor, his wife and their handicapped daughter living in it. It had heat and we didn’t!

We also did not have hot water in the kitchen. There was running water out of a tap, but no hot. We had to get a bucket of hot water from the bathtub and carry it to the kitchen in order to wash our dishes. One evening we ate supper later than usual and had to hurry and run off to the Camp for a meeting and didn’t have time to do the dishes. I left the bucket of soapy water in the kitchen sink with only a couple of dirty dishes left to finish when we got back.

When we returned there was a small mouse swimming in the bucket! He barely had his nose out of the water as he treaded water and was obviously getting weaker. Now, I grew up in an animal house of sorts, where the animals got more attention than the children, so seeing a “poor little mouse trying not to drown” really appealed to me. I rescued it. My husband, who grew up where mice are prevalent, said that “was not a good idea.” “What could it hurt?” I said. I dried the mouse off, he did not struggle, too tired probably. Then I wrapped him in an old washcloth, laid him on a flat surface and left some sunflower seeds (from the bird feeder) laying next to him. I went to bed.

My husband couldn’t believe what I was doing! He had been reading, as I had, the Narnia series and had just met the character “Reepicheep” the cavalier little mouse that fought for honor and Narnia. So, hubby thought it would be funny to leave this little note for me:

Dear Sue, Thanks for the bath, bed and breakfast, Reep

Of course, when I got up in the morning, my mouse was gone, the sunflower seeds eaten and mouse dodahs left behind to prove that a mouse had really been there. Within the day, “Reep” had returned to the house with all his relatives ( a lot!) and they had found my flour and my crackers and my toilet paper and they made a mess out of several rooms that day.

That was the first and LAST time that I EVER rescued a mouse!


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