I’m Dyeing, I’m Dyeing!

Actually it was mohair that was dyeing. I managed to get some wool yarn dyed and then got out the last bit of white mohair that I have and dyed it also. The mohair turned out beautiful. The dye? Easter Egg Dye!! Yes, I doubled the amount of dye and vinegar and got these. The top 3 from the left are white mohair and are blue/green, red/purple and orange/yellow. The bottom 3 are champagne colored mohair using the left over dye bath. The lock of mohair in the bottom right corner is the original champagne color of the mohair.

I used two tablets of the dye from the PAAS Easter Egg Dye Kit (purchased at Walmart for about 33 cents a box end of last Easter!); then added about a 1/4 cup of vinegar. I dissolved the tablets in the vinegar and then added boiling water to the bath. (I used large canning jars because I had just a little amount of each fiber). I left them over night. Then when I did the second set of mohair, I added the mohair to the leftover dye in the jars and added more boiling water and left these in the sun for the day.  I knew the color would be lighter, but that was the effect I was hoping for.  It was great fun.



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