Fiber Weekend update

We had a wonderful time!! My friend and I talked and talked and talked. And then she tried out the rigid heddle loom that I had brought along. We talked about her preferences and then moved on to the SHOPPING! We went to Green Valley Weavers and Knitters shop in the Springs. We wandered around the shop oohing and aahing about the cool spinning wheels and all the lovely yarn. The shop has changed for the better, it is very cozy and the ladies helping, Judy and Kathleen, were both very helpful. We debated over the different types of rigid heddle looms in the weaving part of the shop and then decided on the Schacht Cricket Loom. Oh it is sooo cute!!

We bought the Cricket and extra heddles and the new book out by Jane Patrick on rigid heddle weaving. Then we floated out of the store and took a tour of Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs and then on to Woodland Park.

We had lunch in Cascade at The Wines of Colorado and then went up to visit my friend’s parents in Woodland Park. It was a lovely Saturday and when we got back to the hotel room we began the warping process in earnest!!

My friend is a natural with this kind of thing. I made a mistake on the warping and she figured it out. I was getting tired, but she persevered and got it all worked out.

Our hotel room was awesome. Staybridge Suites in Colorado Springs is the place to stay. We had a lovely time. I even saw a huge Beaver moving upstream in the creek outside our window one morning. He was quite busy with moving a mouthful of sticks someplace out of my sight.

Sunday we went to church and then had lunch with my friend’s family and then came back to the hotel. We visited with the kids and grandkids and then we tried out the spinning wheel. What fun it was to share my passion with my friend. She was good at the spinning wheel also. Now she is prepared for fiber adventures when she returns to her home in Europe. I am so glad that we got together for our own personal time together and for the fiber adventure that we shared.


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