A New Loom

Since I was heading down to Colorado for the weekend last weekend, I decided that I needed to test drive some looms. I searched the internet, talked to shop owners in Colorado Springs and decided on one kind of a loom. Then, my husband said, “aren’t there any used looms that fit what you want?” Hmmm…Craigslist!! Well, I found many. I had a hard time deciding what to do. I looked at the photos listed on Craigslist, I calculated the miles from where I was headed to where the looms lived, I measured the space in the back of my Subaru wagon, I emailed owners and asked questions. When I left for the Springs on Friday morning, I had one or two looms in mind. I had their photos, their owners contact info and a basic idea of what I wanted. By the time I got to the first loom to try out, I was pretty well convinced in my head that I really wanted 8 harnesses as opposed to 4 harnesses. So, the first loom I looked at I bought!!! Yeah for me!

The loom is a Macomber CPJ which means it is portable, folds up, and is 24″ so she fit into my car, even with my spinning wheel and the other loom and bags of stuff. She was built in 1984 and needs a little bit of spiffing up, but otherwise is awesome!! I am so excited.

I got her home and my husband helped me lug her upstairs, she is a bit heavy. We opened her up and got her set into her space in the Studio. Now I have some cleaning to do, but am excited about getting a warp on her.

This is something that I have wanted to do for ages. Even before I learned to spin, I wanted to weave. So this is a dream come true for me.


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  1. Cindie Pike

    Loom looks great! Wish I could watch you work on it. I’m so glad you found it. 🙂

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