My Macomber All Spiffed UP!

Clean Jacks!

Today I was able to get some solvent and steel wool and clean up the jacks and lamms on my loom. She looks so nice now.

I have been receiving some excellent advice and photos from Sarah Haskell, a Weaver, Educator and Macomber sales rep on her blog Macomber Looms and Me. She lives around the corner in Maine from the Macomber Looms shop and she goes and asks questions of the men that work there, Eddie and Rick, and gets right back to your question that you have asked her. Yeah Sarah!!

At my local yarn shop today, CR Yarn, I saw some beautiful new cotton yarns being hung up on display and I was smitten! I hope to be able to weave with those lovely yarns someday soon. Right now I will warp my new loom with something I have here already to practice getting used to the treadles, the shafts and the patterns!

Eight harnesses! What an exciting thing to behold.


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