Warping the New Macomber Loom

Well, I finally got started warping. I had to get the warping board put together first. Then found out it did not fit any of my walls in the studio, board is too long, so I had to wind the warp on the warping board as it laid up against the closet door.

Then I began the tedious process of sleying the reed.

Finished that and then began the threading of the heddles.

I found out after threading the heddles that there was a post-like clip in the way of moving the heddles so that the warp lined up nice and straight from the front of the loom through the reed and heddles to the back of the loom. Oh no, now what? I can’t get these heddles past that dumb post/clip. Ah, Sarah to the rescue. I went to Sarah Haskell’s Macomber Looms and Me website (scroll half way down to see) and she had a photo of what to do to move the bar over the clip in order to slide the heddles out of the way! Thank you Sarah!

Now once I get back from my errand running for me and my mother in  law, I will continue on….


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Filed under Weaving, WIP (Works in Process)

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