Continuing on…

I have been reading about Macomber looms on the internet and finding out all kinds of wonderful things. I found out that I really got a GREAT deal when I bought my CP loom used. I did not have to disassemble it in order to clean it up, I was not missing any major parts and I got a good price on it also! ( Thanks Suzy.) I also realized that my little sample warp that I  am putting on the loom is nothing compared to some of the huge projects that people put on their BIG Macs (12 harness, or 48″ wide or bigger!). So I have lots to learn and I am learning it through the blogs of other more experienced weavers. Some times it is really good to be a raw beginner, because you don’t feel particularly stupid when it comes to asking lots of questions.

So, on with the warping! I am telling myself that each step is exciting and a learning experience so I won’t get into that “I hate warping” mindset. So far it is working, even though I may have to run downstairs, log onto the internet and look up someone’s blog to get more insight into what I am doing wrong!

Happy Weaving!


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