As I sat and looked out the studio window this afternoon after an exhaustive time with math (I was calculating warp the “right” way not by the “flighty” way I usually do it!), I was struck with how much I have. Not material things, I am trying desperately to downsize the already downsized house. I have so much to be thankful for and nothing to be anxious about.

I have a studio filled with all the fibery tools I need; a warm, small house that doesn’t need tons of cleaning; a warm loving husband who is also my best friend for the last 31 years; a generous loving son; good parents-in-law who are still alive to see what happens with their youngest grandson (our son);  a nice town to live in near mountains, lakes and rivers; my health and mostly a purpose for living-Jesus Christ.  There is much, much more, but I can’t think of it all, this much overwhelms me with gratitude for the life that I live. I am so thankful for the technology of today. I sometimes dislike the hassles involved with the internet, cell phone and instant communication on my email, but I would not trade them for the “good ol’ days” without them. I can get information on weaving, knitting, spinning, dog diseases, human diseases, world news, politics, how to make the best pumpkin pie, ANYTHING I want or need to know about as easily as typing! That amazes me and makes me thankful. I can communicate with my family, friends, acquaintances with the same hobbies in the USA or across the globe. I can “talk” to my son in a war zone, or my neighbor 2 miles away.

As I continue to ponder on life in general and mine specifically, this afternoon, I will go and have a cup of coffee in my warm living room as I watch the snow fly by and be thankful for my blog!


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  1. Cindie Pike

    Wish these things had a “like” button. I “like” this. 🙂

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