Christmas is Coming!

We got our Christmas Tree and put it up on Saturday. We went to the local Boys Club and bought from them. They are so good and most of their trees don’t have the green spray on them to preserve them. I am allergic to that spray. We brought it home as quick as possible because the wind chill must have been zero, it was so cold outside!

Putting up the tree


Gracie helps put up the tree









We even put up some lights outside. We are looking forward to seeing our son in about 9 days, or less.  I still have to warp my looms so I can get them out of the way in order to turn my studio into a guest room.  We did not see our son last Christmas as he was in Afghanistan. But this year we celebrate! Rejoice with the moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, significant others, husbands and wives, children of all those that serve in this war, either in Afghanistan or Iraq that we get to see our loved one this holiday. Then pray for all those that don’t get to see their loved one this holiday. You’ll be happier for it.


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