Frosty the Snowman and other Christmas songs

I have been baking cookies instead of weaving. I have been listening to old Christmas songs from my childhood, while I bake. Um, like from when I was born until I was a teen anyway. These old songs came on an inexpensive CD I purchased at the locally owned Drug Store/Gift Shop in town. The first song is Frosty the Snowman sung by Gene Autry.  Now, I remember, vaguely, watching Gene Autry on TV when I was really little. But I remember hearing this song for most of my childhood years. Since I lived in Southern California where winter meant lots of rain, or cold (45 deg. F) and little snow unless you drove up into the mountains, this song was fun and a dream because I didn’t really know much about snowmen. When we did visit the snow in the mountains we tried to make “Frosty” but never had the coal or  corncob pipe and especially the “magic silk top hat” (whatever that was!). As I listen to Gene Autry’s recording of this old song, I laugh because I remember hearing him sing this but never really thinking about the singer. When I hear Nat King Cole sing about the chestnuts roasting on the fire (whatever that means) I see Nat King Cole and I hear my father singing badly along with the song. With this Christmas theme song I think about the singer more than the song. So what other memories come to mind as I listen to these old songs; Bing Crosby and White Christmas: he whistles part of that and I can see him doing that in a movie, and I see my mother whistling along with him;  Judy Garland and Have Yourself a Merry Christmas: her beauty, her singing and her sad life and how my mother tried to sing just like her; Perry Como and I’ll Be Home for Christmas: makes me cry for the moms out there whose child is in Afghanistan or Iraq for Christmas.

I looked up the origin of the song Frosty the Snowman and came across this article that is interesting. Does anyone else remember Gene Autry?


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