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Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo

Well this weekend is the beginning of the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo. It lasts for the whole week and has lots of cool stuff going on. There is a Sheep Shearing Demo and Competition on Sunday, January 30. There are Percheron horses and rodeo horses, and horses for sale and cattle and sheep and probably the petting zoo too. The Sheep Dog Trials are on Monday afternoon at the Civic Center and a few of us are going there to spin outside the arena. It is always fun because lots of people go to see those wonderful sheep dogs do their stuff and there we are doing our spinning of wool, that comes from the sheep that the dogs are herding. The schools usually bring the children to the Stock Show also and we get to show the children how yarn is made from our spinning wheels. It is a lot of fun. If you are in the area do come to the Civic Center and see the Stock Show, you will love it.

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Button, button who’s got the Button?

Out On A Bead has them and they are gorgeous. The artist, Souther came in to the LYS, C.R. Yarn (see previous post) the other day with a huge array of glass buttons. Oh my they are just beautiful. Rita bought a bunch for the yarn store and has them displayed in a lovely case. They are unique and one of a kind. Please go to Souther’s website:  Out On A Bead to see for yourself the lovely buttons, and her other wonderful creations.


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My Favorite Place to Play and no, I don’t live there, much

I have always loved Yarn Stores. When I was a child my mother took up serious knitting. She knitted sweater after sweater and her place for help and advice, and of course yarn, was the Local Yarn Store (LYS) Reseda Yarn Shop, in Reseda, California. It is long gone, but here is a photo I found on the internet

Reseda Yarn Shop Calif

Well, now I have a LYS to go to and it is wonderful. It is located in downtown Rapid City, SD on Main St. It is called C.R. Yarn and the address is 519 Main St. The owner is Rita and she has wonderful yarn, needles,  roving, buttons, books, stitch markers, earrings, patterns and soon…spinning wheels. I have taken a bunch of photos of the inside of the shop and one not very good photo of the sign out front.  Enjoy my favorite place to play below. Rita and Katy teach knitting, Katy teaches crochet, Rita teaches drop spindling and soon spinning on a wheel. There is a Knit Night (or Yarn Manipulation with Tools, you can come and crochet too!) on Thursday evenings at 7pm to 9pm and a Spin-In on Friday mornings starting at 10:30. The shop hours are 10-5 Tuesday through Sat, except on Thursday the shop is open from 12 to 9. See the website at and on Ravelry. Rita also sells her hand spun yarn (Castle Fibers) and hand dyed roving. Come see for yourself why we LOVE this store!!!

Castle Fiber Sheep in the wool

Ladder Yarn moving fast!

Bags and Books

Hiya Hiya needles

Window Sleigh

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I am actually doing something!!

I have not been untangling the mess on my loom. It has been very cold here and I have been staying curled up on my sofa, next to the electric baseboard heater knitting! The LYS (Local Yarn Shop) has gotten me into knitting again. I am in-process on a pair of socks and finished the cutest little bag called a “Dumpling Bag”.  It was quick and lots of fun. The pansy button on the bag was hand-crafted by Susan Rouleau from Piedmont, SD and is soooo pretty. I got it at the LYS (CRYarn). Hopefully I can post some photos of my favorite place to play C.R.Yarn in the next few days.

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Helpers or not

Like I said in the last post, the animals have us to spoil them exclusively now that the “company” is gone. Gracie is still “helping” me in the studio and both she and Zoe like to show off their cuteness. With such laid-back helpers how could your stress level rise? It usually doesn’t when they are sleeping!

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January is here and so am I!

Well, after a long holiday, lots of fun with my kids, lots of food, and lots of illness I am finally back into my routine. Routines are very good for you! Really! Now that the kids have gone home, I have my house to myself, meaning I only have to pick up after myself and sometimes my husband, instead of dodging all the stuff that kids leave around. (My “kids” are 23 and 27). The animals have our spoiling to themselves and again rule the house. There is food in the frig again, for a little while. And most importantly, my Studio is MINE again!

I have been performing fibery things while the holidays were upon us. See?   The warp is for cotton towels and not completed yet. The green is a scrumptious roving from Castle Yarns.  I also hung my warping board on the wall so that life will be easier for me!



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