January is here and so am I!

Well, after a long holiday, lots of fun with my kids, lots of food, and lots of illness I am finally back into my routine. Routines are very good for you! Really! Now that the kids have gone home, I have my house to myself, meaning I only have to pick up after myself and sometimes my husband, instead of dodging all the stuff that kids leave around. (My “kids” are 23 and 27). The animals have our spoiling to themselves and again rule the house. There is food in the frig again, for a little while. And most importantly, my Studio is MINE again!

I have been performing fibery things while the holidays were upon us. See?   The warp is for cotton towels and not completed yet. The green is a scrumptious roving from Castle Yarns.  I also hung my warping board on the wall so that life will be easier for me!




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One response to “January is here and so am I!

  1. Cindie Pike

    I’ve been wondering where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. My loom got here to Ukraine ok in my suitcase. I have a scarf on it and had to loosen the tension to pack it – so now I need to readjust everything and get it ready to use again. I still need to put away so many things … but today I am going to weave! I’m promising myself that. 🙂

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