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Heddles and Harnesses Oh MY!!!

I decided that I needed desperately to re-thread my towel warp on the Macomber. I looked at the first 20 heddles and saw 3 mistakes, in the middle of these 20. Then I looked at the next 20 heddles and saw many more mistakes, in the middle! Why couldn’t they all be on one end or the other? I know, learning curve.  So, I took a very close look at my threading. Ugh. There were heddles turned the wrong way in the row, so that the warp thread was twisty looking. There were already serious tension problems that I needed to fix, so I decided that I had better un-do all the threading and re-thread this warp. After I un-threaded (this is kind of like un-sewing, or un-knitting) all the warp threads I thought now is the time to make sure that all the heddles face the same direction. Dumb idea. I mean, I only had a few hours of time today to do this because I work tomorrow but I started out anyway. Hmmm, there are little brass brads that hold the long, flat metal pieces onto the harness. Onto these flat metal pieces are attached the heddles. Well, most of the heddles were attached, I noticed that there were many un-attached (this is NOT like un-threading, entirely different). So, I un-bent the ends of the brads and removed the heddles and their flat pieces from the harness. On the first harness I pulled all of the heddles off the flat pieces DUMB! Don’t ever do that! It took me an hour to get all the heddles to line up properly and slid onto the flat pieces. Then I had to put them back into their clips on the harness and re-attach the brads. My fingers are sore. Fortunately for me, I was able to get 4 out of the 8 harnesses done before I had to go to the grocery store and get supper. After supper I tackled the rest of the heddles. Thankfully I only have 8 harnesses full of heddles. I just finished getting all the heddles lined up so all the eyes face the same direction, cleaned the harnesses and the slots they travel in, and replaced all the heddles into their proper harness – it is 10pm. Ugh. BUT now, when I re-thread my warp all the heddles will face the same way and hopefully I will thread it correctly this time. Maybe I am too old for this learning curve stuff, maybe a learning nap?

Here are photos of what I was working on:

Heddles on their flat pieces from two harnesses

The harness from the back side of the loom













The Brass Brad (they kept falling on the floor)

The hole where the brass brad goes to hold the flat piece full of heddles onto the harness













The Brad inserted



The Brad fastened (or bent)











Another view of the bending of the brad.

Finally! all put back together, now the re-threading begins so the next towel won't be full of mistakes!!


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A Few More Photos

I have a new camera and have been playing with it in the studio tonight. Here are some “artsy” photos that I took.

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I have been busy…finally!

I finally got a whole day in my studio last week to “work”. I enjoyed myself thoroughly even though I began many things and didn’t finish anything!!

I carded some lovely Wensleydale wool:

Then I warped the rigid heddle loom with some hand-spun warp and weft:

I finished warping the Macomber a few days ago so it now looks nice and neat, even though I found some threading mistakes that must be fixed. Oh well, part of my “learning curve”!!

I had also finished spinning some lovely blended wool and silk from C.R. Yarn and had it on the    little kniddy knoddy waiting to be washed:

I have spun up some lovely roving from Castle Fibers featured at C.R. Yarn into some      interesting yarn. I have it for sale at the shop. So my next spinning project is more of the lovely    roving.

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