A Gloomy Spring Day to Spin

We had a bake sale today at the Yarn store for the benefit of the MS Society. My friend has been diagnosed with Multiple Scolorsis and we are going on a walk next weekend. We also needed to raise some money, so we raised about 60 dollars today and had goodies left over to sell again on Monday.

We started out by setting up our spinning wheels outside the shop with the table of bread, cookies, bars and brownies between them. We attracted a lot of attention, but it was in the 40’s and cloudy so people were in a hurry to get inside someplace. Finally it began to rain, so we had to move indoors. We stood under the furnace vents to warm up and then finished our spinning. We did have people come inside to buy some more baked goods. It was a fun adventure, but very chilly, especially for Spring. Next week we are walking about a mile or two and we are praying for NO RAIN!


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