The Sewing Machine…so sad.

I finally got some thread. I finally bought the new foot pedal ($80). I finally found the time to read the instructions and wind a bobbin. Easy. But the sewing machine would not go forward, I mean the needle just kept going up and down and making a knot in the bobbin thread. I must re-read the instructions and hopefully find a solution. Meanwhile, I am taking my woven towels to my friend’s sewing machine and letting her sew the hems! What a hassle. I have never liked Sewing Machines, that’s why I am a weaver and a spinner. 😎


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  1. Cindie Pike

    I bought a sewing machine here in Ukraine the first year. I was so excited even though I do NOT like sewing. I figured I could at least mend clothes and such, or maybe make a quilt. Well, my machine does the same thing yours does!! I fight with the bobbin every time I try to use it, making knots or big hairy wads of thread around, through and in the bobbin case. That’s why, when I made Sasha’s pillow a couple weeks ago, I sewed the WHOLE thing by hand. 😦 Actually, I enjoyed sewing it by hand – the inner pillow, the lining on the latch hook cloth ends (I covered the inside around the edges so a little boy wouldn’t get poked by those stiff ends), all the pieces of the back and so forth. I think I’m going to give my machine away and someone else can get it fixed, fight with it or maybe they’ll actually know what they were doing with it! (The instruction book was in Russian and Ukrainian) I feel your pain, sister! 🙂 🙂

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