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My Cute Friends

I have the cutest animals in my house. I know, you do too! I took these photos the other day when it was cool enough to open the patio door. Gracie likes to lay in the space between the screen door and the edge of the door jamb.

Gracie in the door

Zoe likes to lay on the sofa. She usually manipulates one of us to move so she can have the spot with the warmth from the previously removed human.


And Champ ¬†our next door neighbor’s dog likes to watch us from the upper deck!


And Sunshine, the neighbor’s other dog, likes to lick us through the fence!!


I personally like to eat cheesecake!



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Another Hot Day in the Hills and a Challenge

Wow, another hot day here in the 90’s. Yesterday was in the 100’s. We aren’t used to heat like this here. I heard someone say that 99 or 101 was not “hot” that Arizona or Texas’s temps of 110 to 120 was HOT! I agree, but I still like my Air Conditioning!!!

The wool that I dyed with the RIT came out ok. It bled a lot after the dyeing, like I expected and because of the lanolin in the wool, it didn’t dye real evenly which I desired, so all in all it worked out fine! I spun it up and then plied it with some bright yellow that I dyed with “real wool dye”. The skein is tiny, but looks interesting.

I also finished my “challenge” from the C R Yarn shop. Rita said that she had some yarn that she wanted a “sample” of for the shop. She challenged any of us to buy one skein and knit, crochet or weave this ribbon type yarn into a sample for her to hang in her shop. I did it and decided to weave a small bag. Ahhhh, the best laid plans of older women and their looms. (forgive me Mr. Steinbeck) I was weaving along thinking I had a lovely long piece of fabric to fold into a cute little purse. I had a lovely short piece of fabric to fold into a smaller purse. Anyway, I finished it and had to take a photo of it and blog about it before I took it to the LYS.

Inside of Small Purse

The Outside of Small Purse


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I’m Dyeing again!!

Went out to the Thrift store the other day to purchase a bamboo blind, the kind that goes outside the house. Didn’t find it. Found lots of yarn for warp, a spoon holder for my spoon collection and a crock pot for dyeing!!

I decided I couldn’t wait to get “real” dye for my wool, so I used the purple RIT I had in the house. We will see what happens!

I dyed outside so as not to make is smelly in here. I used vinegar with the dye and the hot water. I am letting it cool overnight.

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