Another Hot Day in the Hills and a Challenge

Wow, another hot day here in the 90’s. Yesterday was in the 100’s. We aren’t used to heat like this here. I heard someone say that 99 or 101 was not “hot” that Arizona or Texas’s temps of 110 to 120 was HOT! I agree, but I still like my Air Conditioning!!!

The wool that I dyed with the RIT came out ok. It bled a lot after the dyeing, like I expected and because of the lanolin in the wool, it didn’t dye real evenly which I desired, so all in all it worked out fine! I spun it up and then plied it with some bright yellow that I dyed with “real wool dye”. The skein is tiny, but looks interesting.

I also finished my “challenge” from the C R Yarn shop. Rita said that she had some yarn that she wanted a “sample” of for the shop. She challenged any of us to buy one skein and knit, crochet or weave this ribbon type yarn into a sample for her to hang in her shop. I did it and decided to weave a small bag. Ahhhh, the best laid plans of older women and their looms. (forgive me Mr. Steinbeck) I was weaving along thinking I had a lovely long piece of fabric to fold into a cute little purse. I had a lovely short piece of fabric to fold into a smaller purse. Anyway, I finished it and had to take a photo of it and blog about it before I took it to the LYS.

Inside of Small Purse

The Outside of Small Purse



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  1. Cindie Pike

    I like it!

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