My Cute Friends

I have the cutest animals in my house. I know, you do too! I took these photos the other day when it was cool enough to open the patio door. Gracie likes to lay in the space between the screen door and the edge of the door jamb.

Gracie in the door

Zoe likes to lay on the sofa. She usually manipulates one of us to move so she can have the spot with the warmth from the previously removed human.


And Champ  our next door neighbor’s dog likes to watch us from the upper deck!


And Sunshine, the neighbor’s other dog, likes to lick us through the fence!!


I personally like to eat cheesecake!



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One response to “My Cute Friends

  1. Cindie Pike

    Isn’t it funny where our critters like to station themselves? Currently, Cheyenne is half under a chair here beside the desk. I can only see her legs and tail, but she is all stretched out, real comfy like. I think she’s hot.

    It’s been in the mid to high 90’s here, but is supposed to be hotter today. Our bedroom is one degree hotter every night. Last night when we went to bed it was 86 – can’t seem to get it any cooler. NOT good sleeping temperature! Thank God, seriously – Thank God! for fans! Stay safe, my friend, in this heat. Winter is coming. And so is our Lord and Savior.

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