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Watertown, SD and North Country Fiber Fair

Well the North Country Fiber Fair (NCFF) was in Watertown, SD in the middle of September. So, 6 of us ladies from the local yarn store went and set up shop. We had 6 spinning wheels, 6 ladies and 6 spinning wheels to sell plus most of the yarn shop! We had a blast! We set up the shop on Friday night and then I went to a class on core spinning, very fun. Saturday Rita (LYS Owner) and I taught beginning spinning. She taught I helped! In between teaching and being taught we worked at the booth. The other ladies did the same. We had such fun. I took a Saori Weaving class on Saturday that was AWESOME! I really enjoyed the freedom of weaving from the heart or spirit instead of from a pattern. Although, I enjoy weaving from patterns too.  I sold my rigid heddle loom to one of my friends and taught her how to weave and another friend has a rigid heddle and a table top loom that I will be helping her with. I LOVE weaving.

Here are the photos of my trip and my weavings!

Core spun skein from class at NCFF


Setting up Shop

Saori Weaving from class at NCFF

More setting up shop


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A Little Woven Something

I did weave a cute little bag this summer. The LYS owner challenged us to knit, crochet or weave something with a new yarn she had gotten in. It is like a ribbon but with little ladders in it. It did not weave very well, it kept twisting, but it still looked ok. The owner’s daughter came up with a brillant idea of doubling the yarn and knitting with it doubled. It looked awesome. But my little bag came out cute too. It now graces the shop as a “sample”.

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Weaving Along the Road Missing the Turn and Finding Herself Home…

I really have been weaving! I have been all over the place since the last post here. In August we had the Central States Fair. I did not enter anything, but I did go and spin with the other spinsters.

I did some dyeing this summer also. I had purchased a raw fleece that seemed so nice and soft and crimpy that I was very excited to dye it. It was soft, and crimpy, but it was also full of ticks and vegie matter! ICK! I tried to wash it on the patio of my townhouse and it made a tremendous dirty mess. After making my hands sore on the large burrs with larger stickers stuck inside the wet wool, I came to a conclusion: I am 60 years old; I don’t have enough time left in my life to spend it hurting myself and making myself miserable washing not very good wool when there are people who I can PAY to do this! So whatever was salvageable I kept, the rest went into the garbage bin. I decided that I might as well dye the “good” stuff that I had left. So, I pulled out my “new to me old” crockpot that I got from the thrift store and went to dyeing. I dyed with RIT because I did not have any “real” dye. It came out a very pretty purple, but it still had all the garbage in it from the pasture. I spun up some of it, but was not impressed.  My neighbor’s dog was more impressed with the action than anyone.

After I finished Dyeing I went inside and had some cheesecake!

Watching me Dye

Pretty in Purple

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