Watertown, SD and North Country Fiber Fair

Well the North Country Fiber Fair (NCFF) was in Watertown, SD in the middle of September. So, 6 of us ladies from the local yarn store went and set up shop. We had 6 spinning wheels, 6 ladies and 6 spinning wheels to sell plus most of the yarn shop! We had a blast! We set up the shop on Friday night and then I went to a class on core spinning, very fun. Saturday Rita (LYS Owner) and I taught beginning spinning. She taught I helped! In between teaching and being taught we worked at the booth. The other ladies did the same. We had such fun. I took a Saori Weaving class on Saturday that was AWESOME! I really enjoyed the freedom of weaving from the heart or spirit instead of from a pattern. Although, I enjoy weaving from patterns too.  I sold my rigid heddle loom to one of my friends and taught her how to weave and another friend has a rigid heddle and a table top loom that I will be helping her with. I LOVE weaving.

Here are the photos of my trip and my weavings!

Core spun skein from class at NCFF


Setting up Shop

Saori Weaving from class at NCFF

More setting up shop


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