Weaving Along the Road Missing the Turn and Finding Herself Home…

I really have been weaving! I have been all over the place since the last post here. In August we had the Central States Fair. I did not enter anything, but I did go and spin with the other spinsters.

I did some dyeing this summer also. I had purchased a raw fleece that seemed so nice and soft and crimpy that I was very excited to dye it. It was soft, and crimpy, but it was also full of ticks and vegie matter! ICK! I tried to wash it on the patio of my townhouse and it made a tremendous dirty mess. After making my hands sore on the large burrs with larger stickers stuck inside the wet wool, I came to a conclusion: I am 60 years old; I don’t have enough time left in my life to spend it hurting myself and making myself miserable washing not very good wool when there are people who I can PAY to do this! So whatever was salvageable I kept, the rest went into the garbage bin. I decided that I might as well dye the “good” stuff that I had left. So, I pulled out my “new to me old” crockpot that I got from the thrift store and went to dyeing. I dyed with RIT because I did not have any “real” dye. It came out a very pretty purple, but it still had all the garbage in it from the pasture. I spun up some of it, but was not impressed.  My neighbor’s dog was more impressed with the action than anyone.

After I finished Dyeing I went inside and had some cheesecake!

Watching me Dye

Pretty in Purple


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