Spin Night Becomes Knit Knight er Night

We girls got together last night for our regular spin session. Five of us have been getting together to spin twice a month on Monday nights for 14 years! Wow, we are not old, just seasoned. Hahaha. There were four of us last night, one girl had to work. We took up our needles instead of our wheels.  Cindy is an excellent knitter. She used to own a yarn shop. She brought a pattern that she had written and we knitted socks using a totally new, to us, cast on, and a toe-up method. It was fun watching these “middle-aged” ladies squinting and scrunching up their noses as they worked on this new technique. We had a great time. Cindy is soooo patient. We got the toes begun and we will see what happens next time we “spin”. Who knows we may have to finish our socks if we haven’t by then. I complain about not getting to spin, or knit enough, but I do have 2 days a week that I go out to the LYS to spin and knit and then 2 times a month I add another night to spin. Methinks I complain too much.

My little "Dumpling Bag" with sock in progress


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