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April Flowers But No Showers

We have had no rain for a long time. Well we had a downpour for about a half an hour a week ago, but with no snow I am not sure what will happen to us this summer. We have had a beautiful warm spring, but it still is too dry to be good for the coming hot days of summer.

There are flowers on the crab apple, cherry and fruit trees, and irises and daffodils sprouting everywhere. They forecast rain for the next three days so hopefully it will come.

I have to work at my Corporate America job for the next 7 days straight! Ugh. I am tired. I am tired of the survival mode that we are in these days. Every day there is work to do, at our business or at my “food demonstration” job.

I was reminded of the sinfulness of mankind yesterday when I was asked to participate in an “investigation” of my co-workers. Yuck. Seems like there has to be drama all the time no matter what is happening. Why can’t we all just go to work and do our jobs?

Speaking of drama, there is a fun video of drama in a quiet square in Belgium. Here is the link to the You Tube video:



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Some quick weavings for tonight!

It has been almost 6 months since I have been able to weave! UGH, that is TOO long. I finally got my shoulder working well enough to warp the loom and then I wove up some quick things just for fun.

Here are the 4 dish cloths (we call them rags!) that we needed that I used old peaches and cream yarn for.








Then I did some Saori style weaving with all the leftovers on bobbins that I had in my basket on the loom.


And then the “wooly worms” that I bought from Pendleton Woolen Mills. They are the selvedges cut off of the blankets that Pendleton makes and sells for cheap to weavers. I experimented with two types, a flat one (the brighter green) and the puffy or fluffy one (the darker colors).


I enjoyed my little experiments and they helped me get beyond the “survival” mode that I am in workwise. Let’s just say Corporate America sucks. 🙂


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