Happy Fourth of July America!

This 4th of July in South Dakota is very, very smokey. We have wind blowing smoke and ash all over us from Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado. There was a fire in Utah also, but I think that one is out. Anyway, our county and city shut down all the fireworks shows for this holiday, because of the severe fire danger. It is also very warm here, in the high 90s and 100s today; with all the smoke and the low humidity the air outside reminds me of my old home, Los Angeles California! The air smells like L.A. and the sky looks like L.A. and the dryness feels like L.A. Thank God I have air conditioning in my townhouse!!

I have been weaving a fun new project, some sparkly rainbow yarn from Ice company called Glitz. I am practicing my twill on this piece which is planned to be a shawl. We will see if my planning will work out or not. hehe.

Weaving Helper Zoe

I will continue to weave on the 4th also, just because I can!

Sparkly Rainbow


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