New Ashford Jumbo Flyer Unit!!

I received my Ashford single drive Jumbo Sliding Flyer Unit by UPS the other day. I oiled the wood, then I changed out the bracket on the maiden and got ready to ply. Oh, oh. The brake line was too short. Well, 3 days later, I finally got the correct size fishing line (80lb, could have been 60lb), measured, tied, tried and re-tied to get it to fit properly. Wow, does that thing ply! AND it flies! I was so excited to finish plying two regular size Ashford Traditional bobbins onto one Jumbo Bobbin and still have room on the bobbin!! What a joy this new toy is.

I am coming along splendidly with my rainbow shawl on the loom. I will take photos when I am done and post here.

I have been helping out at the local yarn store: c r yarn. We have created a website and it is really cool. We have posted photos of the shop, the yarns, the fibers to spin, and other fun stuff. We are really having fun with the store. We hope to have more stock soon and eventually a second line of spinning wheels. I love my LYS!


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