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The Rainbow Shawl (or) Sue’s Sparkly Serape!

I finally got some time today to finish my sparkly yarn rainbow shawl. It is very bright! It was such a busy summer that I didn’t have time to sit at the loom for a couple of months. Hmmm, now what to weave????



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Where did Summer go?

It went into dry hot days and then quickly vanished!! Our drought has not lifted and we have had lots of fires around us. The windy days bring smoky skies and asthma attacks, not good. But I try and spend a lot of time at the LYS where I love helping out. We have gotten so many new fibers to spin that whenever I walk in there I am in heaven. Well, close anyway.
I still have not finished my shawl on the loom. We have had a very busy summer and the loom calls me but I just can’t get to it for more than four or five throws before something else calls me louder, and I don’t even have any children at home!

The yarn store I work at, c r yarn in Rapid City, is taking its stock to the North Country Fiber Fair in Watertown, SD across the state this weekend. I can hardly wait. A bunch of us ladies go and help the owner sell her stock, we take classes, spin with long missed friends and buy stuff! Oh and we also LAUGH and EAT! We had a great time last year and this year will be even better. There will be two beginning wheel spinning classes I get to help with (the store owner, Rita, is teaching them), and lots of people to interact with. I love going to this fair, it is really fun.

Hope everyone else has a great week and a greater weekend.


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