Weaving to my heart’s content!

View from my Loom c r yarn

I work at the best yarn store ever! I work part-time at c r yarn in Rapid City, SD. The owner Rita Nauman is very generous with her employees. I get to weave in the store with yarns that we pick out in order to make beautiful handwoven scarves to sell to our customers! What a wonderful job. I get to visit with people from all over the US who stop by to see (“c” r yarn) us because we are located downtown near all the cool stuff; I get to play with yarn all day long, when I am not waiting on wonderful customers and weaving with wonderful yarns. We decided to offer handwoven scarves this year because every Christmas when we hang our charity knitted scarves on the shop Christmas Tree people want to buy them. We decided that by offering special hand woven scarves and hand knitted caps that those that want to buy a special gift for someone can find it locally with no problem.  And like the “Shake ‘n’ Bake girl” ‘Ah helped’.

Here are the 3 that I have woven so far. Tomorrow a sparkly green one goes on the loom and then after that we will concentrate on some manly scarves, no sparkle!

Silver up close

Silver Sparkle

Blue sparkles on our Deer



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2 responses to “Weaving to my heart’s content!

  1. Columbine

    Out of curiousity, how long and wide do you make these scarves and what are they made of? They are beautiful!! Glad I checked your blog this morning – now I’m more energized to get a couple projects finished. 🙂

  2. They are 6 inches wide and about 2 feet long. We use ICE brand Maxi Viscose (crochet thread, cotton and viscose) for the warp and Magic Glitz (acrylic and lurex – silver thread) for the weft. Glad you were inspired!

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