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We have been here for a few days and of course it has rained those days. Tomorrow is our son’s marathon and there is a forecast of sun. I hope it lasts long enough for the race!!

Zoe naps at Jesse’s

Zoe is doing well, stealing everyone’s space and heart!

We have seen the Fort Defiance Park (all my photos there were terrible!), the Safeco Field (from the freeway), Pikes Market, the First Starbucks (yes, we stood in line to get a cuppa!), Harmon Pub (complete with football party and bands!) and of course sitting and talking/watching TV.

Safeco Field

view from Pike Market

Fancy Hats for Sale at Pike Market

inside Pike Market

First Starbucks Pike Market

Pike Market Seattle, WA


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Zoe Rider

Had to add some photos of Zoe riding in the car. She slept most of the way and was very happy to see Jesse and meet his room mates who fussed over her. She is quite relaxed.

Where’s the squirrels?

I have a special place to rest on so I can see really well.

I like riding in the car!

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Driving, driving and more driving!

We drove through Wyoming. Then through Montana. Then Idaho (a little way). Then Washington state. NOW we are in Tacoma at our son’s house. What a wonderful place he has and wonderful room mates and friends. We will do Thanksgiving tomorrow. Fun.


More Bighorn Mountains with SNOW

Columbia River in Washington State, we crossed a looooong bridge over this river.

Windmills near a rest stop in eastern Washington State.

Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming

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My husband, my dog Zoe, and I are on vacation! The cat Gracie stayed home! We were given a gift of 10 days vacation from our jobs and the money to go! We left Sunday after church and have been driving to Seattle. We are now in a beautiful LaQuinta Inn in Auburn, WA and will be having breakfast with our son in the morning! We are so excited. We haven’t seen our son for quite a few months and this is going to be a fun and relaxing vacation. We will have Thanksgiving at his house with his friends and room mates and we will watch him run a marathon on Sunday.  We decided to drive so we could take Zoe with us. She really has done well on the trip, her very first extensive car trip. The mountains in Montana, Idaho and Washington are awesome. I even managed to make it to two yarn stores. More about that later.

Zoe and Ron Driving through Wyoming.

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