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The Saturday before Christmas

and all through the house, it is chaos. Organized chaos, but messy none the less. I have a day off, most of the day anyway and I am taking advantage of it by sleeping in late (done), eating breakfast (done), finishing off the last donut (done), reading email, news, facebook and blogs (done), showering (about to do), re-organize the chaos in my house (after the shower), spinning (after the re-organization), reading a magazine (after spinning) and then get ready to go to “work” at the yarn shop. I put “work” in quotes, because it is so fun, not really work at all.SueSpinningWheel

We have our Christmas tree up and decorated, with two presents underneath, so far. Our son buys digitally and mails us the results, so nice that way! We plan on finishing the Christmas shopping Sunday after church, and we will go to my Mother-in-laws Assisted Living Home for Christmas Day. Christmas Eve I work for a few hours at the shop and then celebrate a little with the ladies and families from the yarn shop in a charity event. I will post that event to the C R Yarn blogspot and Facebook pages after it is finished, because there will be photos and a TV interview! Stay tuned.

This time of year is usually sad for me as Christmas was always the scene of much arguing, drinking, disappointments and trying to be perfect when I was a child. As an adult and Pastor’s wife, it was a time of rushing about, getting things done for everyone else, traveling and eating too much. Now as a semi-retired lady, I am much more relaxed and laid-back about the holiday. I try and make it peaceful and uncomplicated. Some day my family will come to my Assisted Living Home and celebrate with me.

Well, what is next on my little list? Oh, yes, a shower. Best be doing that before noon.


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More Vacation

It is wonderful to be on vacation and not have to worry about when to leave or when to get someplace. Today we are meeting with our son in Seattle to have breakfast and then go site-seeing. We are excited! We drove through some beautiful country the last 2 days and I have photos of some of it.

Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming

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