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Spring May Be Coming Soon…

current scarf on loom

it appears that some of the plants in my front yard want to sprout, even though it is cloudy and chilly! Spring always comes every year, no matter what happens in your life to make it feel like winter all the time. Kind of like in Narnia, “where it is always Winter and never Christmas.”

In order to work through my grief over losing my friend Cindie and then my mother in law, Dora, I threw myself into my work at c r yarn. We are having a Fiber Festival here in Rapid City at the end of April so I had lots to do to help the owner get ready. And I wove.

Weaving really does balance my life. It is as though the routine of warping the loom and the methodical work of throwing the shuttle, raising the harnesses and creating something is very soothing. I feel this way about spinning also. The rhythm of the spinning wheel and the twisting of the fiber into yarn gives me a feeling that the creation is still happening and I have to just let it run through my fingers. Giving in to the creating is so soothing.

weaving up close blue,jpgI have done several scarves for the shop and they all have been fun. This latest one is blue and green and I love the colors. I think it will be my second favorite. My first favorite was the reddish/maroon one that my boss kept for herself!

Here is to the Hope of a new Spring through the Easter/Resurrection holiday for all of us.



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