Well, It is About Time.

Time. We all have 24 hours of it every day. Up until this last weekend I was using my time very unwisely: working and sleeping with a little eating and knitting in there too. So, now, today, I am gearing up for using my time a little better. I just spent about an hour and a half carding my lovely silver grey mohair fiber, and winding a warp for a completely handspun scarf.

I finished carding the mohair and was ready to drag my spinning wheel downstairs when I looked at the plastic “dresser” that holds my handspun yarns, 3 large drawers full (as well as some hidden in the closet!). The drawers are see through plastic and the yarns taunted me- ‘weave with us you said you would on your vacation’. Well, they are right, I decided. So I asked all the yarn what it wanted to be and unusual for me, (I am a blue and purple kind of gal) the reds and pinks jumped out of the drawers -‘make us a scarf’ they said. So, I sorted them by shade, sorta, and by yarn weight, sorta, and then wound a short (2 yd) warp. I just received my warp beam apron from Macomber and need to attach it to the warp beam, before I can use the loom, so I came downstairs, with the yarn, to see what I need to put on the apron. Then my computer called me, “Hey! Did you see the posts on facebook?” So, here I am writing a post about my soon to be warped on the loom pink and red scarf. Sigh, did I hear someone say, “shiny object!”?


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