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Happy Thanksgiving afterwards

We had a great Thanksgiving Lunch at our kids house in Tacoma. It started out as a very rainy day, but then the sky cleared and the bay was beautiful!

I knit our grandson a sweater called Gramps, by TinCanKnits, and it fit him perfectly. I was hoping it would be a bit big so he could wear it longer, but that is ok. He liked the Hunters Gramps Sweater 18 Nov 2017little car buttons I put on it.

I have been doing a lot more knitting than anything else lately.  I was working on a cowl as we drove to and from Tacoma and almost finished it last night, except for the last row because I ran out of the black yarn. When you only have a two-color Fair Isle and run outIMG_2974 of one color, it tends to slow you down a bit!   I have been knitting charity hats, and almost finished a sweater out of hand-spun Alpaca yarn. My days seem to consist of eating, sleeping and knitting. I love it!





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Vogue Knitting LIVE! Seattle!


I have been swimming in a sea of tools, yarn, fiber, techniques and finished knitted objects and I have not drowned!! A friend and I went to the VKLSeattle event at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA on Friday. We shopped around the marketplace, she took in a lecture, we had lunch and shopped some more. Today, Saturday, I went to a lecture and then did a little browsing. Tomorrow, Sunday, 3 of us will head to the Meydenbauer Center again and shop ’til the marketplace closes and then head out to take a “Knit to Flatter” class with Amy Herzog, our hero.


More Nicky Epstein animals

Today, the lecture that I attended, was on Knitting history and the Knitting Belt. June Hemmons Hiatt, gave the lecture and showed us slides of Shetland, where she found the knitting belt still in use. You can find more info on the belt and the ones that she sells on her website: She also gave a demonstration after the lecture. The belt fits around your waist, has a leather oval shaped pouch filled with horsehair and has several sized holes punched into the top. You slip a long needle into one of the holes with your right hand and then knit with another needle and your left hand. Your right hand does not have to hold the needle and you can knit much faster this way. Hazel Tindall, the “Fastest Knitter in the World,” uses a knitting belt. Find out more at her website:

During the lecture, June mentioned “The Knitting Genealogist” who does wonderful research on knitting culture. With knitting and genealogist in the same sentence I knew I would have to look that up when I got home. So, the Knitting Genealogist is found here: I was impressed with her findings and you will be too. She (Penelope Lister Hemingway)


June knitting with the belt underneath her right hand (left side of photo)

writes about Gansey knitting and that led me to this article by Claire Santry on her blog: Irish Genealogy Toolkit. Surprising article that states, “The idea that Aran sweaters (also known as Irish wool sweaters) contain special stitches to identify the wearer’s family or clan is pure fiction.” Definitely a “must-read” if you have repeated this fiction to others as I have!

So, I am very excited to meet Amy Herzog and find out what body style I possess, and what sweaters will look fabulous on me. I am anxious to start another sweater, but not until I take this class first! Off to change the clocks back one hour to get into Pacific Standard Time again, here comes the dark nights!

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