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2017 A Year For Reflection and KNITTING!!

It seems I had a bit of reflecting to do this year. When I got sick in May, I wasn’t expecting to be so slowed down. But, the pancreatitis got me to focus more on what I was doing with my time, it made me not be in a hurry all the time and it helped me to change my eating habits. Best of all, the slow-down involved knitting! I did some weaving in 2017 and I will start with that. This post will be a compilation of all that I knitted in 2017.

The first of the two scarves I wove was called a “Tapestry Diary” and it was supposed to be woven on a little each day, in order to improve my weaving skills, improve my tapestry skills, and to enjoy playing with yarn. I started it on January 5, and finished it in May right before going into the hospital. It took me until August to get another warp onĀ  my loom. That warp became “Frodo” because that was the name of the hand-dyed yarn.


I began the knitting fever in June, as I felt better I knit more. It was easier to knit than weave so here is what I accomplished from June through the last day of December 2017!




I hope to be as productive in 2018 as I was in 2017! Although, I am also binding some books, so that does take a bit of time away from knitting!!

Have a great 2018.


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