About Sue

I am a 61 yr old woman living and loving in South Dakota. I have a wonderful husband of 33 years, an awesome son in the Army Rangers. I love weaving with yarn and words and the spinning of wool and tales. I work at my church, my local yarn store and for my husband’s business.

Live is too short to not enjoy minute by minute, so let’s get on with it!


I am now 65.5 and retired. My husband and I moved from South Dakota to Washington state to be near our son and his family. Our son was married in 2015 and they had their first child in 2016. Our move to Washington has been an awesome and blessed thing. We live in a beautiful, green, wet place here in the Pacific Northwest and best of all we are close to our kids.

I still weave with yarn and words. I also spin wool and tales. I joined a knitters group at a local yarn store and have investigated weaving guilds. I have begun binding and making books.

I still try to live each day as though it is my last before heading to heaven and the arms of Jesus. So make life interesting and be sure and add lots of color!


One response to “About Sue

  1. Nancy Lea

    hi, saw your post on my blog (Alabama weaver). I have both the old and new tie-ups and they both mess up. grrrr. I’ve been chatting with sarah forever and am SO glad that somebody took the bull by the horns and move Macomber into the digital age! I had been nagging those guys forever to at LEAST get email! I kept telling them that it would beat having to drop everything and answer the phone, since routine requests for catalogues, etc could just be answered on their own schedule… Oh well, Sarah is doing a great job!
    That said, Macomber make awesome looms! I have one, a “Baby Mac” that is about 50 years old and still in great shape. The fun thing is that this thing came with a hex beam! I knew that Macomber had provided them at one point, so that they could use the Structo ready-warp spools! Eddie had never heard of it, so I was tickled to see this! I have about a lifetime supply of those spools so it will be fun to put them to use on the Mac! I do need to refinish it. I’ve refinished one “Baby” but need to put it back together )-;
    Fun to chat Macs!!!!!
    have a great holiday!!!

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