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Spinning at the Fair

We all had a great time spinning at the Central States Fair this last week. I am not in the photos, because I am behind the camera! We had fewer entries in the spinning and weaving this year, but then so did all the other areas of the Fair. Seemed odd that last year we had so many and this year not so much.  Attendance seemed down this year also, less people walking through to watch us demonstrate the spinning. The Quilters behind us had lots of entries and many demos throughout the Fair Week. Interesting to listen to.



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And the Winner Is….

Me! Just being able to go to the Fair and spin and make baskets makes me a winner. But I also got some ribbons for my entries. I got First Place on my “silly scarf”.

And I got Second Place on the Black and Brown Scarf I decided at the last minute to put into the Fair

My little basket got a Third Place, but the ribbon disappeared.

And my little toy (that was the theme of the spinning/weaving/basket section this year-Anything Toys), ZILLA the Magic Sheep came in Second Place. It is difficult to see her she is multicolored in wool and very fluffy.


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I am tired, but happy!

Been a long couple of days. The weavers that demonstrated at the Fair turned out to be one person who is also a spinner! She showed us how to do tapestry weaving and weaving on a 2 harness table loom. 2 harness is just like my rigid heddle so it was very familiar, but I was able to look at up close the heddles (thin moving wires with holes for the warp yarn) and the beater with reed and the levers that lift the heddles up and down. Very interesting.

Tuesday was basket day. I took the class to make a “Twill Market Basket” and it was awesome. Very long day. I spent about 4 or 5 hours working on the basket on Tuesday and was exhausted by the end of that. Then today, Wednesday, I spent another 3 hours finishing the basket. It looks really cool though. Here are some photos that the teacher took of me finishing my basket. I am tired, the basket was hard sometimes to do, but soooo worth it!

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The Fair Has Started…

The Central States Fair in Rapid City, SD started on Saturday the 20th of August. Yeah! I spent the entire day spinning with my friends. It is really awesome to be able to re-connect with people that you only see once a year and pick up right where you left off the year before.

There were a lot of entries this year. I will post photos of my things soon. There were some amazing creations that were awe inspiring.  AND the fun has just begun. We have some weavers coming today, basket class tomorrow and the SPIN-IN on Thursday! The Spin-In is the place to be if you want to see LOTS of spinners with many different wheels spinning yarns. Oh yeah we do tell some good tales while sitting there in-between demonstrating the art of twisting fiber into yarn.

More updates tomorrow.

Life is GOOD thank you Jesus for Your blessings.

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DONE! I finished the silly scarf!

I am no longer weft behind. Yeah! I finished the scarf last night and prepared all my stuff for the Fair. I have to turn the finished projects into the judging tables on Thursday the 19th of August, so I am doing well.

I made sure that I had hidden the finished projects in my Studio so that my cat, Gracie would not find them and eat them. This morning I was in the bathroom upstairs (next door to the studio) and I heard scuffling noises downstairs in the living room. We have a hardwood floor so I thought that Gracie was probably playing in her “kitty house” a nylon pop-up square with holes in 3 sides, so she can jump through it. When I came out of the bathroom I found my way blocked by a long strand of yarn. “OH NO!” I yelled, as I stepped over the yarn strand. Yep, Gracie had found an unhidden ball of yarn, strung it around the desk and chair in the studio, out the studio door around and under the fan sitting on the floor, down the stairs, around the corner, across the living room, around the table legs and stool legs into her “kitty house” and out and in again, wrapped it around her face and was trying to paw it off of her nose! I could not yell at her, I just laughed and laughed. She looked so pathetic with blue yarn wrapped around her face, across her nose. The ball of yarn, what was left of it, was lying in her house. I snatched it off of her nose, unwound her face, and began the task of winding the yarn back into two balls since she had tangled everything so badly. I hide the ball of yarn, uh, two balls of yarn, when I got them back up to the studio!

Here are my Fair entries for 2010:

Recently finished scarf

Brown scarf and skein

Zilla and Basket

Zilla is A Magic Sheep. She is almost a normal sheep on one side of her body and a wild and wooly sheep on the other side. We all have a little Zilla in us!  The Fair challenge was Anything Toys, so why not a stuffed toy sheep?

Zilla the Magic Sheep (her wild side)

Zilla, her "almost normal" side. Her face is in the left hand corner.

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