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Today was THE Day!

I am officially a Seattle Weavers Guild Member! Yeah! I was received into membership today at the meeting. We had a great speaker, Barbara Herbster, who spoke about Supplemental Warp. It was a good presentation, with explanations and visuals! Gotta love her weaving. I wasn’t able to stay for the afternoon program on Leno Weaving, but ate my lunch there and added my name to the Hospitality group.

The sun is shining today and the brillant colors of the flowers and trees in bud is amazing. I truly love Spring, but Spring in the PNW is very special. The pine trees outside my window are waving their branches about in the wind, but they are shining from all the rain we have had.

So, my bookbinding continues, slowly. I usually do things at warp speed (pun intended), but lately have to chant to myself, “slow cloth, slow cloth” to get myself to slow down and do things correctly!! Bookbinding is fun, creative and precise. I am not all that precise, so learning how to be precise and slower has been a challenge, but one that I am up to.

I am off to finish my tapestry, mohair shawl that I have been neglecting for knitting (a sweater and headbands of stranded knitting), and bookbinding.

Have a wonderful Spring Day!



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I am actually doing something!!

I have not been untangling the mess on my loom. It has been very cold here and I have been staying curled up on my sofa, next to the electric baseboard heater knitting! The LYS (Local Yarn Shop) has gotten me into knitting again. I am in-process on a pair of socks and finished the cutest little bag called a “Dumpling Bag”.  It was quick and lots of fun. The pansy button on the bag was hand-crafted by Susan Rouleau from Piedmont, SD and is soooo pretty. I got it at the LYS (CRYarn). Hopefully I can post some photos of my favorite place to play C.R.Yarn in the next few days.

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My Girls

My African Violets that live in the Studio moved there because they did not flower for a looong time. They seem to like the Studio’s east facing sunshine because now they are blooming away.

studio violet finally blooms

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My Ladies

I have little space in my house for houseplants. Used to have dozens of houseplants, all different kinds, sizes and colors. Not anymore. I only have violets because they seem to do well in small spaces. I have 4 in the Studio and 4 in my kitchen window. Here are some of  my little ladies:

A Bevy of Beauties on My Sill


Pretty PInk and White

Hope you enjoyed my ladies today.

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Flowers and Herbs

I took time today to harvest some of the herbs growing in my “patio garden”. I also took some photos of them. The herbs are so nice when they are fresh. We got a new canopy for the deck outside my studio. It doesn’t fit as nicely as we would like, but it is nice to keep the studio cooler and it is a nice place to sit and look at the view of the mountain.

Herbs on the Counter

Thyme and Oregano

Sage, Johnny Jump Ups and Sweet Basil

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