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Weaving in Spring, I hope

Well, we have had some lovely Spring-like days here in South Dakota. BUT, today it is COLD. So back to weaving and spinning. Currently spinning merino top and currently weaving on the Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom a BRIGHT Pink scarf.

The weather was perfect outside weather, Saturday and Sunday, so I warped my little loom and went outside to weave. I also dragged the wheel out onto the upper deck so I could spin and space.

Here is the latest weaving off the Ashford. I did it in almost all natural fibers with a few commercial dyed yarns woven randomly throughout. I am teaching a weaving class in Wyoming in June and wanted some samples of what you can do with the fiber off of your local (or your own) sheep. I live about 3 hours from Brown Sheep company so I threw in some awesome bulky spun purple just for fun. The greys are Icelandic from a local shepherd.

IMG_1411 IMG_1412IMG_1410

Next comes warping the Macomber CP-24 with cotton warp for dish towels! Excited to get to those too.


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Dresses, Blogs and Technology

I ordered 3 dresses, 3 different styles and 2 colors to “try on” for the wedding. I narrowed it down to two and finally one! I am excited! The dress is soft, comfortable and flattering. These are hard things to come by when you are “BIG”. So, again, thanks for the internet.

Speaking of the internet, I have made some good friends on the internet. I regularly follow several blogs, some tell me by email when the owners have posted, the others I just look at every other day. I consider these blogs as necessary to my day. I so enjoy seeing what they are doing in their lives in ME, WV, NY, PEI, FL, WA and NYC; what their weather is like; what they enjoy or are upset about; basically what they are living! It gives me a sense that all of our lives matter and what we are dealing with is usually dealt with by everyone, everywhere, some time or the other. Also these blogs are inspiring. They inspire me to write, to blog, to create and pursue my passions, even if my passions are miles away from what my favorite bloggers are passionate about. Do you follow any blogs? Do you get upset or inspired by someone else life?

Technology. I love it! I remember hating the thought of having a computer in our home. That was about 30 years ago. NOW? Now I can’t believe what my life would be like without my computer! I can get more info from a Google search than I ever could from books or telephone calls in the past. I still read books, paper books along with digital Kindle books, but now when I need to find a dress for a wedding I look on-line. When I want to know what is being served at my local restaurant, I Google the place and read the menu (or sometimes order and pick it up later). Need a recipe for supper? Want to make a greeting card at home? Looking for a phone number? No problem, just go onto the internet, or your own computer and find or create what you need. Love it.

Phones: I used to hate them. Now, I use my phone for everything: calendar, phone, camera, email, grocery list, weather forecast, write a document, send photos of my dress to my son, his fiancee and my husband all at once! Love it.

Can hardly wait to see what they figure out next for our technology.

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Spinning at the Fair

We all had a great time spinning at the Central States Fair this last week. I am not in the photos, because I am behind the camera! We had fewer entries in the spinning and weaving this year, but then so did all the other areas of the Fair. Seemed odd that last year we had so many and this year not so much.  Attendance seemed down this year also, less people walking through to watch us demonstrate the spinning. The Quilters behind us had lots of entries and many demos throughout the Fair Week. Interesting to listen to.


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Weaving and Spinning

I have been weaving almost every day for the last month. I have taken a bit of time off to work on my Genealogy but I have been just truckin’ along. I also joined Ravlery’s Tour de Fleece and have been spinning every day also. That is really fun. I finished my “Blues, with a little help from my friends” fabric tonight. I chose a sock yarn weight wool warp in a tealish color and then added all my bits and pieces of handspun yarn in blues. I think it will make a lovely vest with the addition of another panel. Sewing will come later, just weaving now is all I want to do, along with spinning!!ImageImageImageMy Tour de Fleece yarn for the first days of the race.

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Cindie, my weaving friend

Cindie and her Cricket LoomCindie was one of my closest friends. She was a missionary to Ukraine. She and I have connected in so many ways from the first time we met in Seminary in Colorado. We have shared sorrows, joys, disappointments, excitements, Jesus Christ and our love of fiber arts. She came to visit us one year and I took her around to my spinning circle and taught her to spin on my spinning wheel. About 2 years ago, I met her in Colorado Springs when she was on furlough and bought her a Cricket weaving loom (rigid heddle). She was so excited to learn how it worked. She produced so many wonderful scarves, blankets, placemats on that little loom. She made things for other people mostly. We corresponded about her weaving and she posted photos on Facebook for me to see how far along she had gotten. She was amazing in her skill of teaching herself to weave different patterns and using different colors to achieve the look she wanted.

Cindie loved to walk around her town of Kherson, Ukraine. She would notice so many things. Her photos were awesome. She could take a photo of the simplest thing like a gate and turn it into a work of art. She was also a student of nature. She loved the universe, and posted photos of  the heavens taken by the telescopes of NASA. She always would attach scripture to these photos. She talked of being with Jesus and how she would ask all these questions of Him when she got there.

Today she got to ask her questions. December 31, 2012 she fell while walking. She had an artificial knee that twisted when she fell. It cut a vein in her leg and she lost a lot of blood while waiting for the ambulance in Kherson to pick her up. When her husband contacted us through Facebook, he said she was sedated and on a ventilator in ICU. Today he posted that she had died. What a shock! But also, not a shock. Cindie had been talking a lot in the last year about heaven and how she longed to be there with Jesus and away from all the corruption and sin of the world. I woke many times last night and prayed for her. I had a feeling that she might be going to heaven, but I didn’t want to believe it. This morning when I read her husband’s post I knew that my premonition had been correct.

I don’t want her to be gone from earth. I want to hear her voice again, I want to hug her again. I want to laugh with her about her grandson’s antics. I want to weep with her about the injustices in the world. I want to weave with her. I wanted to show her how to weave on my floor loom, she desired to use one and possibly own one some day. I wanted to get her a spinning wheel. But, she has now what she so longingly desired, the presence of our Holy God Jesus. She is with Him now. She probably won’t get to ask all the questions she wanted to ask for a little while. I am sure she is just sitting and looking at Him in awe. She doesn’t have to worry about her grand kids anymore. She doesn’t have to worry about slipping on the ice and hurting herself, anymore. She doesn’t have to agonize about the state of the United States and the Ukraine. She now has her heart’s desire and that is heaven.

I just know that now Cindie is very happy, at peace and without any pain. I wish I could have talked to her in person before she left us, but God had other plans. I am so happy for her that she is with her Jesus and is happy. I am sad for myself, and for her husband, children, parents, grandchildren and siblings. She had many, many friends and will be missed so much. But every time I look at the night sky I will think of Cindie and how fascinated she was with the heavens and I will cry a bit for myself and then smile for her as she is up there now in all that glory.

Rejoice in your new position Cindie. Happy New Year/Life to you my dear, dear friend.

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Where did Summer go?

It went into dry hot days and then quickly vanished!! Our drought has not lifted and we have had lots of fires around us. The windy days bring smoky skies and asthma attacks, not good. But I try and spend a lot of time at the LYS where I love helping out. We have gotten so many new fibers to spin that whenever I walk in there I am in heaven. Well, close anyway.
I still have not finished my shawl on the loom. We have had a very busy summer and the loom calls me but I just can’t get to it for more than four or five throws before something else calls me louder, and I don’t even have any children at home!

The yarn store I work at, c r yarn in Rapid City, is taking its stock to the North Country Fiber Fair in Watertown, SD across the state this weekend. I can hardly wait. A bunch of us ladies go and help the owner sell her stock, we take classes, spin with long missed friends and buy stuff! Oh and we also LAUGH and EAT! We had a great time last year and this year will be even better. There will be two beginning wheel spinning classes I get to help with (the store owner, Rita, is teaching them), and lots of people to interact with. I love going to this fair, it is really fun.

Hope everyone else has a great week and a greater weekend.


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Spin Night Becomes Knit Knight er Night

We girls got together last night for our regular spin session. Five of us have been getting together to spin twice a month on Monday nights for 14 years! Wow, we are not old, just seasoned. Hahaha. There were four of us last night, one girl had to work. We took up our needles instead of our wheels.  Cindy is an excellent knitter. She used to own a yarn shop. She brought a pattern that she had written and we knitted socks using a totally new, to us, cast on, and a toe-up method. It was fun watching these “middle-aged” ladies squinting and scrunching up their noses as they worked on this new technique. We had a great time. Cindy is soooo patient. We got the toes begun and we will see what happens next time we “spin”. Who knows we may have to finish our socks if we haven’t by then. I complain about not getting to spin, or knit enough, but I do have 2 days a week that I go out to the LYS to spin and knit and then 2 times a month I add another night to spin. Methinks I complain too much.

My little "Dumpling Bag" with sock in progress

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