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Happy Fourth of July America!

This 4th of July in South Dakota is very, very smokey. We have wind blowing smoke and ash all over us from Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado. There was a fire in Utah also, but I think that one is out. Anyway, our county and city shut down all the fireworks shows for this holiday, because of the severe fire danger. It is also very warm here, in the high 90s and 100s today; with all the smoke and the low humidity the air outside reminds me of my old home, Los Angeles California! The air smells like L.A. and the sky looks like L.A. and the dryness feels like L.A. Thank God I have air conditioning in my townhouse!!

I have been weaving a fun new project, some sparkly rainbow yarn from Ice company called Glitz. I am practicing my twill on this piece which is planned to be a shawl. We will see if my planning will work out or not. hehe.

Weaving Helper Zoe

I will continue to weave on the 4th also, just because I can!

Sparkly Rainbow


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Weaving Along the Road Missing the Turn and Finding Herself Home…

I really have been weaving! I have been all over the place since the last post here. In August we had the Central States Fair. I did not enter anything, but I did go and spin with the other spinsters.

I did some dyeing this summer also. I had purchased a raw fleece that seemed so nice and soft and crimpy that I was very excited to dye it. It was soft, and crimpy, but it was also full of ticks and vegie matter! ICK! I tried to wash it on the patio of my townhouse and it made a tremendous dirty mess. After making my hands sore on the large burrs with larger stickers stuck inside the wet wool, I came to a conclusion: I am 60 years old; I don’t have enough time left in my life to spend it hurting myself and making myself miserable washing not very good wool when there are people who I can PAY to do this! So whatever was salvageable I kept, the rest went into the garbage bin. I decided that I might as well dye the “good” stuff that I had left. So, I pulled out my “new to me old” crockpot that I got from the thrift store and went to dyeing. I dyed with RIT because I did not have any “real” dye. It came out a very pretty purple, but it still had all the garbage in it from the pasture. I spun up some of it, but was not impressed.  My neighbor’s dog was more impressed with the action than anyone.

After I finished Dyeing I went inside and had some cheesecake!

Watching me Dye

Pretty in Purple

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Helpers or not

Like I said in the last post, the animals have us to spoil them exclusively now that the “company” is gone. Gracie is still “helping” me in the studio and both she and Zoe like to show off their cuteness. With such laid-back helpers how could your stress level rise? It usually doesn’t when they are sleeping!

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Gracie is Waiting for You

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Speaking of Challenges…

There is always a challenge happening in my house. My lovely black and white terror named Gracie is the reason for all the challenges in this place. She is soooo cute, and so curious. Here she checks out my newly woven basket to see if she could possibly go for a vacation in it. Fortunately for her, I don’t plan on taking the basket to California with me. 😎

Gracie checking out my new basket

Yep it fits fine

Basket with baggage

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My Helper

Gracie likes to sleep in blankets even in the summer.

Thought maybe I had better post a photo or two of the Helper in my life. She really is a cute cat. She is one year old and as crazy as they come. Got her through Craig’s List after my little Tortie, Koshka ran away. My Helper is named Gracie, because it was by the Grace of God that my husband let me get another cat. We live in a small house and with the Whippet too, it does get crowded in here. Especially when Gracie is running on top of the dog’s back and leaping straight into the air after an imaginary something!! She definitely keeps us laughing.

Gracie likes to "help" with basket weaving too.

Gracie "caught" on the desk.

Beautiful Baby.

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