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Today was THE Day!

I am officially a Seattle Weavers Guild Member! Yeah! I was received into membership today at the meeting. We had a great speaker, Barbara Herbster, who spoke about Supplemental Warp. It was a good presentation, with explanations and visuals! Gotta love her weaving. I wasn’t able to stay for the afternoon program on Leno Weaving, but ate my lunch there and added my name to the Hospitality group.

The sun is shining today and the brillant colors of the flowers and trees in bud is amazing. I truly love Spring, but Spring in the PNW is very special. The pine trees outside my window are waving their branches about in the wind, but they are shining from all the rain we have had.

So, my bookbinding continues, slowly. I usually do things at warp speed (pun intended), but lately have to chant to myself, “slow cloth, slow cloth” to get myself to slow down and do things correctly!! Bookbinding is fun, creative and precise. I am not all that precise, so learning how to be precise and slower has been a challenge, but one that I am up to.

I am off to finish my tapestry, mohair shawl that I have been neglecting for knitting (a sweater and headbands of stranded knitting), and bookbinding.

Have a wonderful Spring Day!



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Dresses, Blogs and Technology

I ordered 3 dresses, 3 different styles and 2 colors to “try on” for the wedding. I narrowed it down to two and finally one! I am excited! The dress is soft, comfortable and flattering. These are hard things to come by when you are “BIG”. So, again, thanks for the internet.

Speaking of the internet, I have made some good friends on the internet. I regularly follow several blogs, some tell me by email when the owners have posted, the others I just look at every other day. I consider these blogs as necessary to my day. I so enjoy seeing what they are doing in their lives in ME, WV, NY, PEI, FL, WA and NYC; what their weather is like; what they enjoy or are upset about; basically what they are living! It gives me a sense that all of our lives matter and what we are dealing with is usually dealt with by everyone, everywhere, some time or the other. Also these blogs are inspiring. They inspire me to write, to blog, to create and pursue my passions, even if my passions are miles away from what my favorite bloggers are passionate about. Do you follow any blogs? Do you get upset or inspired by someone else life?

Technology. I love it! I remember hating the thought of having a computer in our home. That was about 30 years ago. NOW? Now I can’t believe what my life would be like without my computer! I can get more info from a Google search than I ever could from books or telephone calls in the past. I still read books, paper books along with digital Kindle books, but now when I need to find a dress for a wedding I look on-line. When I want to know what is being served at my local restaurant, I Google the place and read the menu (or sometimes order and pick it up later). Need a recipe for supper? Want to make a greeting card at home? Looking for a phone number? No problem, just go onto the internet, or your own computer and find or create what you need. Love it.

Phones: I used to hate them. Now, I use my phone for everything: calendar, phone, camera, email, grocery list, weather forecast, write a document, send photos of my dress to my son, his fiancee and my husband all at once! Love it.

Can hardly wait to see what they figure out next for our technology.

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This Poor Blog!

I have neglected it so badly. It was September that I wrote last. I have been too busy to write and that is not good.

Genealogy has taken a big amount of my time lately. It has been good, since I met a wonderful “new” cousin recently. We have been sharing family stories and info and calling each other to sigh and wonder about our crazy ancestors. None of us are ever perfect, but some families are weirder than others, don’t you think?

I finished writing a story about my literal insane Great, great Grandfather William C. Pike. He decided that the man who was seducing his wife, my great, great grandmother, should be shot in the back of the head and die. He spent 16 years in an Insane Asylum in Illinois. See what I mean about “crazy”!

I have also been weaving up a storm since last Septembers blog. I purchased an Ashford Rigid Heddle loom and havFullSizeRendere made some pretties on it. I love that it folds up and can be carried around. I take it to the “big weaving group” that meets in town once a month and then use it during the month so that I have a new project each month. 20140930_191746969_iOS  20140930_191547192_iOS new loom red scarf

Getting ready for the wedding of my son and his wonderful fiance has been fun. I have been searching for the “perfect” dress, which is difficult in a small town, when you are a big girl. Plus sizes are not that common when you want a really fancy dress.  Sigh, thank God for the internet and shopping online!

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January is almost over???????????????

Wow, seems like yesterday I was wishing the blogosphere Happy New Year! Amazing how quickly the weeks roll by. We finished our 2013 taxes tonight and have to wait for the government to catch up with itself. They won’t be starting to process income taxes until January 30th. That is Thursday! See, time flies doesn’t it!

I have been busy starting another new adventure. I was visiting with a yarn store owner a week or two ago and we talked about some people that we both know and how we never seem to connect because we don’t have their contact info. This started my little brain to processing what we need in the fiber community is a Network! So, Black Hills Crafters Network was born. There is a website: and it features crafters of all types in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming and adjoining states of Montana and Nebraska. The website has photos and info about each shop that has contacted me in response to the newsletter that I sent out announcing the beginning of this Network. There is also a Facebook Page Black Hills Crafters Network, so we can continue to reach people who want to buy hand crafted items.

Just getting it started has kept me from weaving, but now that the website and Facebook Page are up and running I can return tSunday drive photos 004o my weaving!! Yay!

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The Saturday before Christmas

and all through the house, it is chaos. Organized chaos, but messy none the less. I have a day off, most of the day anyway and I am taking advantage of it by sleeping in late (done), eating breakfast (done), finishing off the last donut (done), reading email, news, facebook and blogs (done), showering (about to do), re-organize the chaos in my house (after the shower), spinning (after the re-organization), reading a magazine (after spinning) and then get ready to go to “work” at the yarn shop. I put “work” in quotes, because it is so fun, not really work at all.SueSpinningWheel

We have our Christmas tree up and decorated, with two presents underneath, so far. Our son buys digitally and mails us the results, so nice that way! We plan on finishing the Christmas shopping Sunday after church, and we will go to my Mother-in-laws Assisted Living Home for Christmas Day. Christmas Eve I work for a few hours at the shop and then celebrate a little with the ladies and families from the yarn shop in a charity event. I will post that event to the C R Yarn blogspot and Facebook pages after it is finished, because there will be photos and a TV interview! Stay tuned.

This time of year is usually sad for me as Christmas was always the scene of much arguing, drinking, disappointments and trying to be perfect when I was a child. As an adult and Pastor’s wife, it was a time of rushing about, getting things done for everyone else, traveling and eating too much. Now as a semi-retired lady, I am much more relaxed and laid-back about the holiday. I try and make it peaceful and uncomplicated. Some day my family will come to my Assisted Living Home and celebrate with me.

Well, what is next on my little list? Oh, yes, a shower. Best be doing that before noon.

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More Vacation

It is wonderful to be on vacation and not have to worry about when to leave or when to get someplace. Today we are meeting with our son in Seattle to have breakfast and then go site-seeing. We are excited! We drove through some beautiful country the last 2 days and I have photos of some of it.

Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming

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Zoe Rider

Had to add some photos of Zoe riding in the car. She slept most of the way and was very happy to see Jesse and meet his room mates who fussed over her. She is quite relaxed.

Where’s the squirrels?

I have a special place to rest on so I can see really well.

I like riding in the car!

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