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So Many Crafts to Craft!!!!


Today is Monday, my usual day for “domestic duties.” Aha! I have finished my duties, because I live in a small apartment this is easy! So, now, I contemplate: Knit? Weave? Finish making that little book? Write? Spin? Ahh, so many crafts to craft, what is a girl to do?

Write! So, here I am writing. I am actually settling into a good routine of crafting, doing my knitting in spare moments, weaving when my husband is working on his book, spinning when I need some meditative time and making my books whenever the mood hits. Hmmm, sure doesn’t sound like the anal person that I have been in the past. I guess my mantra of “live in the moment” is finally sinking in.

Unfortunately, my “no more volunteering” has not sunk in. I have volunteered to help at the Pullayup Fair in September and the Seattle Weavers Guild October Sale, with whatever they want me to do. I will also volunteer for the Vashon Island Sheepdog Trials for the Fiber area, probably spinning, but maybe weaving too, in June. I also signed up for the Hospitality Table at the Seattle Weavers Guild. Oh, and I usher at church too. My goodness, I have gotten involved!

Next week is the Puget Sound LYS Tour = Local Yarn Store Tour!!!! I can hardly wait to go. The Tour is from Lynden, WA all the way down to Kent, WA and features 26 yarn stores. Each store will be open from 10am until 8pm with special knit/crochet patterns made for the Tour attendees, a button for your yarn bag and discounts on yarn. There are also prizes for those that get their passport stamped at each store. It goes from Wednesday May 17 through Sunday May 21. I am driving a car load of ladies on Wednesday and we are going to have a blast. Another group of us will hit the road in a different direction on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Here is the info: If you have never done this, it is truly a blast! It is fun to see the different types of yarn, that each store carries; to meet the owners of the different stores; to get free patterns and the excitement of vying for a prize! So many yarn stores, so little time!

Well, I have written so now is the time to finish my little book. ­čśÄ


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Seattle Weaving Guild-Wow!

Yesterday, 23 Feb 2017, I had the privilege of going to a Seattle Weavers Guild meeting in Seattle. Wow! I was wowed by the amount of people attending; by the beautifully woven garments worn by attendees; the “Hot of the Loom” show and tell on display and discussed; the friendly people I met and the program. The Speaker was Kathrin Weber of Blazing Shuttles and she was very, very good. She dyes her warps and weaves the most colorful pieces I have ever seen.

I have waited for a year to begin getting involved with different groups here in the area that I live in. I didn’t wait to find a yarn store! I go to an awesome yarn store in Edmonds, WA called, “All Wound Up”. It is run by a mother-daughter dynamic duo that aim to please and educate. It has the nicest yarn, best prices and sweetest people ever. I spend at least a couple of days a week there knitting and chatting with the friendly customers and staff, oh, and petting the yarn!

My trek to the Seattle Weavers Guild was so wonderful. I had been reading  their web site and meeting individuals that are members off and on for the last year, while we got settled into our life in the PNW. So, I finally had the 4th Thursday of the month free from other appointments and drove to Seattle for the whole day. The meeting hall is huge and was filled with  people and beauty and color!

I met so many wonderully nice people, especially ones that wanted to help you get going forward in your weaving. Or Spinning. I met a lot of Spinners too! Fun place.

I mailed my SWG application for Membership today and hope by March I will have an offical “nametag” and be a “real” member, not just a virtual one!

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The Saturday before Christmas

and all through the house, it is chaos. Organized chaos, but messy none the less. I have a day off, most of the day anyway and I am taking advantage of it by sleeping in late (done), eating breakfast (done), finishing off the last donut (done), reading email, news, facebook and blogs (done), showering (about to do), re-organize the chaos in my house (after the shower), spinning (after the re-organization), reading a magazine (after spinning) and then get ready to go to “work” at the yarn shop. I put “work” in quotes, because it is so fun, not really work at all.SueSpinningWheel

We have our Christmas tree up and decorated, with two presents underneath, so far. Our son buys digitally and mails us the results, so nice that way! We plan on finishing the Christmas shopping Sunday after church, and we will go to my Mother-in-laws Assisted Living Home for Christmas Day. Christmas Eve I work for a few hours at the shop and then celebrate a little with the ladies and families from the yarn shop in a charity event. I will post that event to the C R Yarn blogspot and Facebook pages after it is finished, because there will be photos and a TV interview! Stay tuned.

This time of year is usually sad for me as Christmas was always the scene of much arguing, drinking, disappointments and trying to be perfect when I was a child. As an adult and Pastor’s wife, it was a time of rushing about, getting things done for everyone else, traveling and eating too much. Now as a semi-retired lady, I am much more relaxed and laid-back about the holiday. I try and make it peaceful and uncomplicated. Some day my family will come to my Assisted Living Home and celebrate with me.

Well, what is next on my little list? Oh, yes, a shower. Best be doing that before noon.

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Weaving to my heart’s content!

View from my Loom c r yarn

I work at the best yarn store ever! I work part-time at c r yarn in Rapid City, SD. The owner Rita Nauman is very generous with her employees. I get to weave in the store with yarns that we pick out in order to make beautiful handwoven scarves to sell to our customers! What a wonderful job. I get to visit with people from all over the US who stop by to see (“c” r yarn) us because we are located downtown near all the cool stuff; I get to play with yarn all day long, when I am not waiting on wonderful customers and weaving with wonderful yarns. We decided to offer handwoven scarves this year because every Christmas when we hang our charity knitted scarves on the shop Christmas Tree people want to buy them. We decided that by offering special hand woven scarves and hand knitted caps that those that want to buy a special gift for someone can find it locally with no problem.┬á And like the “Shake ‘n’ Bake girl” ‘Ah helped’.

Here are the 3 that I have woven so far. Tomorrow a sparkly green one goes on the loom and then after that we will concentrate on some manly scarves, no sparkle!

Silver up close

Silver Sparkle

Blue sparkles on our Deer


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Where did Summer go?

It went into dry hot days and then quickly vanished!! Our drought has not lifted and we have had lots of fires around us. The windy days bring smoky skies and asthma attacks, not good. But I try and spend a lot of time at the LYS where I love helping out. We have gotten so many new fibers to spin that whenever I walk in there I am in heaven. Well, close anyway.
I still have not finished my shawl on the loom. We have had a very busy summer and the loom calls me but I just can’t get to it for more than four or five throws before something else calls me louder, and I don’t even have any children at home!

The yarn store I work at, c r yarn in Rapid City, is taking its stock to the North Country Fiber Fair in Watertown, SD across the state this weekend. I can hardly wait. A bunch of us ladies go and help the owner sell her stock, we take classes, spin with long missed friends and buy stuff! Oh and we also LAUGH and EAT! We had a great time last year and this year will be even better. There will be two beginning wheel spinning classes I get to help with (the store owner, Rita, is teaching them), and lots of people to interact with. I love going to this fair, it is really fun.

Hope everyone else has a great week and a greater weekend.


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New Ashford Jumbo Flyer Unit!!

I received my Ashford single drive Jumbo Sliding Flyer Unit by UPS the other day. I oiled the wood, then I changed out the bracket on the maiden and got ready to ply. Oh, oh. The brake line was too short. Well, 3 days later, I finally got the correct size fishing line (80lb, could have been 60lb), measured, tied, tried and re-tied to get it to fit properly. Wow, does that thing ply! AND it flies! I was so excited to finish plying two regular size Ashford Traditional bobbins onto one Jumbo Bobbin and still have room on the bobbin!! What a joy this new toy is.

I am coming along splendidly with my rainbow shawl on the loom. I will take photos when I am done and post here.

I have been helping out at the local yarn store: c r yarn. We have created a website and it is really cool. We have posted photos of the shop, the yarns, the fibers to spin, and other fun stuff. We are really having fun with the store. We hope to have more stock soon and eventually a second line of spinning wheels. I love my LYS!

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Playing, um working, at the Local Yarn Store!

Today, Thursday, through Saturday I have the privilege of volunteering at the local yarn store (C R Yarn) in Rapid City. I am so excited. I hope that there will be lots of tourists coming in these next few days, because I want to make it worthwhile for the owner to keep the shop open while she is out of town for the weekend.  I have my spinning wheel, freshly carded mohair, a spinning project in progress, my knitting, my Kindle and my computer. What a fun few days this will be and such a difference from working at my home in my home office doing sales for jewelry. Not better mind you, just different!

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